Shachar Web Solutions

Shachar, the Internet division of Sar-El IT Solutions Ltd., is engaged in providing various web solutions: website building, hosting, and other services. The company builds the highest-level web sites, in both technological, design and visual aspects. All the web sites we build are standing in the highest and stringent standards of the W3C, and are built on the basis of open source software systems, such as WordPress, Joomla and others.

All of our web sites are based on the most widespread, advanced content management systems in the world, which are giving you, our customers the best value. Another advantage in using an open source systems, is the freedom they provide to you, the customers, since they are allowing you to avoid being depend on a single supplier.

Some of our work:

For our full portfolio, click here (Hebrew)

In Shachar, we put a strong emphasis on the compatibility between browsers. It is a known thing that today there are several common used browsers: Internet Explorer of Microsoft, Firefox developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Google Inc.'s Chrome, and Safari from Apple. In shachar we make every effort for our web sites will look and behave the same way, no matter what browser the user uses. The main way to do this is by following the standards of the W3C Web consortium: XHTML standards, CSS design language and of course JavaScript programming standards.

In Shachar we offer you a wide selection of web sites, in a variety of types, for all purposes:

Shachar’s Package I:

  • The package includes website design – selected from a wide stock of templates and also includes a unique design of the top banner.
  • In addition, the package includes content management system, advanced and easy to use, and also training on the system.
  • Content uploading – up to eight pages of content.
  • Organic SEO preparation.
  • 5 e-mail accounts, domain name and 50MB hosting plan in a fast server, free for the first year.

In addition, you links to social networks, start a business blog, photo gallery, scrolling news, contact form, map to the business and much more.

Shachar’s Package II:

  • The package includes website design, not from templates, but on the basis of a unique and uniform design of the web pages, selected by the taste of you, the client.
    A unique design of the home page and of another page, according to your choice.
  • Advanced content management system, easy to use, and also training on the system.
  • Design of up to 5 banners (with an option of switching between).
  • Content uploading – up to 15 pages of content.
  • Organic SEO preparation.
  • 10 e-mail boxes, domain name and 100MB hosting plan in a fast server, free for the first year.

In addition, you can put links to social networks, start a business blog, photo gallery, scrolling news banner, contact form, map to the business and much more.

Shachar’s Custom made website

A web site built specifically for you, and by your exact requirements. Starting from the planning part, through the design and the programming, until the moment your web site is in the air.

This web site can be built using a content management system like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, or can be completely independent programming. The site can include any component you can imagine: forums, chat, videos … and anything else you can think about.

This web site is built in a custom design according to your liking, accompanied by a designer throughout the whole building process. All effects- visual or programmatically that you always wanted to have in your site – you can implement now!

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